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Grizzly Destroyers

Powerful grizzly bears test our bear-resistant trash can on the PBS television program "This American Land".

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Bear Resistant Refuse Cart

The ONLY fully automated, bear-resistant refuse container available on the market! Backed by a 5-year warranty - the best in the industry.

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Put to the Test

Watch video footage of a non-captive grizzly bear in Montana encountering a Kodiak Can for the first time!

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Bear resistant refuse containerThe Kodiak Can is the ONLY fully automated, bear-resistant refuse container available on the market. It is designed specifically for pickup by fully-automated, grabber-style refuse handling systems and all semi-automated refuse handling systems.

We are pleased to introduce our new line of Kodiak Products, now available for purchase.

These 95 gallon curbside refuse carts are a cost-effective solution for communities looking to bear-proof their waste-management programs. What's more... we offer a warranty that’s the best in the industry – 5 years from the date of purchase.

Kodiak Products worked in conjunction with the Living with Wildlife Foundation to test our product with grizzly bears. The videos provide a glimpse at the clever nature of bears as they try their hardest to open our sturdy and innovative refuse container.

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